Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined

800-722-6793 | WWW.TRI-ELECTRONICS.COM 93 SAFE UTILITIES OVERVIEW 67% Percent of critical infrastructure customers suffered a cyber attack last year. – Novatek The increased grid distribution and connections with new power sources create new and increased security challenges. 37% Global energy demand is expected to increase by 37% by 2040. – International Energy Agency In Canada and the USA, consumption per head is double that of Europe and more than 800 times that of developing countries. 76% New electrical generation build outs in 2020 will be solar or wind. – Forbes The expansion of the grid due to both distribution of generation, particularly to geographically isolated locations, and increased flows of electricity will require significant reinforcement of the existing grid infrastructure. THE CURRENT ENVIRONMENT BY THE NUMBERS How do we effectively monitor widespread and diverse types of critical infrastructure assets? • Recognize and investigate door alarms • Detect perimeter breaches • Monitor widespread areas in one view • Recognize and fill security gaps How can we uncover threats and accurately evaluate the situations as they arise? • Detect asset weaknesses proactively • Highlight unusual behaviour • Identify hazardous/risk situations • Recognize falls and downed workers How do we connect all workgroups that need to collaborate? • Coordinate with local first responders • Collaborate with regional utility companies • Share information across teams • Alert multiple teams simultaneously How can we quickly respond to problems before they escalate? • Aggregated information feeds • Unify data/evidence storage • Directly share data with first responders • Automatically log incident reports MODERN CHALLENGES