Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined

11 800-722-6793 | WWW.TRI-ELECTRONICS.COM ● ● ● ● D C ● ● ● ● AIRFIELD BREA Use Case SAFE AIRPORTS OVERVIEW DETECT Overseeing a large, multi-zoned airport can be a challenge. From monitoring secure area perimeters to identifying potential threats, detection plays a critical role in minimizing potential threats to both passengers and airport personnel. Integrated video security utilizes artificial intelligence to create high visibility across your airport, monitor large areas in one view and recognize potential security gaps. Access control provides entry management, access point detection and automatic notifications for door alarm activities. Automatic license plate recognition combined with watchlist alerting analyzes vehicles and people entering and exiting the area — detecting potential perimeter breaks. Radio alerts ensure all personnel — across multiple teams — are informed of critical information simultaneously. All of this comes together to ensure you know what is happening — with better insights to protect people, property and assets. Video Security Create a safe and secure environment, deter threats and enhance visibility across all security zones with specialized cameras for every location — fisheye for secure rooms, multi-sensor for terminals, and ultra high-definition for parking lots and runways. License Plate Recognition Monitor all roads and parking lots approaching and surrounding your airport and automatically alert security when threat-designated vehicles enter your perimeter. Access Control Protect and monitor secure areas and doors within your facility using a role-based system with instant detection of individuals at access points and camera-based verifications. Watchlist Alerting Set an inner perimeter, identifying license plates of interest based on a secure, controlled watchlist created and maintained by authorized users within your security team. Expand the power of this capability to detect specific people of interest with the optional inclusion of facial recognition technology. Radio Alert Instantly receive video analytic and access control alerts directly to your two-way radio via text message and text-to- voice alerts — including license plate recognition, breaches, loitering and presence detection. DETECTION SOLUTIONS