8 800-722-6793 | WWW.TRI-ELECTRONICS.COM Case Study We wanted to be able to test products and make cohesive purchasing decisions that would benefit the district, rather than just individual schools. It was time for a unified and scalable solution that could grow with us and support our future needs. — Ted Birren, Director of Operations, District 214 Support for Safety Initiatives Improving student safety was another major priority for the district. During a critical situation, if a school’s radio was out of range, employees would turn to their individual cell phones. However, cell phone towers often get overloaded during emergency events, making that a poor alternative. Having instant reliable communication throughout the entire School District 214 coverage area—and the ability to connect directly to first responders, if needed—was imperative to enhance security. A Growing Fleet of School Vehicles With a large student population comes a large number of vehicles to support daily operations and transportation for after-school activities. While the traditional yellow school buses that transport students to and from school are run by an outside organization, the district manages other buses, vans and maintenance vehicles for a multitude of activities, such as travel for sporting events. Keeping drivers connected with school personnel, managing logistics and ensuring that the fleet is adhering to its route and speed restrictions were other important requirements when upgrading the district’s communications. SOLUTION With the help of the local channel partner, High School District 214 turned to Motorola Solutions Team Communications to enable employees to connect instantly, without boundaries and with added intelligence. They deployed MOTOTRBO XPR two-way radios and repeaters across campus for key personnel including administration and principals, security, building and ground maintenance, athletics and technology staff. With the all-digital radio upgrade, the district was also able to leverage advanced data applications. They adopted the neoConneX Fleet Manager, a plug-and-play GPS fleet- tracking solution, to provide on-demand visibility into the locations of school vehicles, activity vans, buses and driver’s ed cars, bringing added intelligence and security to daily operations. The district recognized cost savings by instituting a district-wide deployment, versus making purchasing decisions school by school. By using one vendor, all radio programming and licenses are now centrally managed across the district, taking the financial onus and management responsibility off of the individual schools. BENEFITS Integrated, Instantaneous Communication Once the district deployed the new MOTOTRBO radios to key personnel, employees were up and running quickly. The security staff, in particular, were already familiar with analog radios, so that transition to MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios was fairly seamless. Employees were able to connect with exceptional voice clarity and coverage. The district created more than a dozen talkgroups, with the primary user groups including security, maintenance, athletic staff and IT. They also enabled a district-wide talk channel, allowing administrators and other personnel to communicate with each other anywhere — from the sidelines of the high school’s football stadium to a colleague in a bustling school cafeteria on the other side of the district. “The reliability that MOTOTRBO brings is a must for our school conditions,” said Birren, Director of Operations for District 214. “The radios are built to withstand whatever comes our way – drops, weather, noisy environments — and have risen to the occasion time and time again.”