Motorola Solutions eBrochure for Education

39 800-722-6793 | WWW.TRI-ELECTRONICS.COM TIPSUBMIT FULLY ANONYMOUS TIP SUBMISSION TipSubmit facilitates open anonymous tipping and 2-way text capabilities within members of a school community. By simply scanning a QR barcode, students can submit anonymous tips and multimedia files, all managed through a single application. Schools can also seamlessly share high treat tips with their local law enforcement agency if they’re also using TipSubmit or Motorola Solution’s CommandCentral Community. Increase Collaboration, Close More Cases Connect with your students and solve more cases using TipSubmit. Collect, organize, and disseminate tip details and statistics with an easy-to-use, responsive application. With enhanced features and modernized interface, apply greater insight and control of tip data for better awareness and quicker resolutions that improve your schools effectiveness.