Motorola Solutions eBrochure for Education

33 800-722-6793 | WWW.TRI-ELECTRONICS.COM COMMANDCENTRAL AWARE CommandCentral Aware lets you unify your school with local police with real-time voice, data and video to the public safety command center for a safe and rapid response. Have Eyes on the Scene in Seconds CommandCentral Aware connects schools to their local police. Video analytics combined with Motorola’s public safety solutions enable schools to push livestreaming video from a school to their local police department. The command center can see events in real time, immediately dispatching a unit and keeping officers informed as the situation unfolds so they know exactly what to expect at the scene. Streamline Data Access and Analysis for a Complete Operating Picture Consolidate camera feeds, incident information, resource locations and other alerts into a single interface. View information however you prefer: on a map or an activity monitor or both with related information based on rules you establish that can trigger automated actions based on the situation. Each user can customize the view based on responsibility. COMMANDCENTRAL AWARE