16 800-722-6793 | WWW.TRI-ELECTRONICS.COM CONNECT WITHOUT BOUNDARIES MOVE BEYOND NETWORK, DEVICE, AND GEOGRAPHIC BOUNDARIES. How do you make communicating as easy as if your team was standing next to each other? Whether you’re in the office, on site, or at a conference hundreds of miles away, with Motorola’s Team Communications solution your team is always just a “push” away. Your workers can use the devices they already own – whether it’s smartphones, radios, tablets, computers or telephones – or you can equip them with ones that are right for their responsibilities and workplace. They’ll have access to real-time information and the colleagues they need to get the job done right. And you leverage the devices and infrastructure you already have in place. Maintain Your Edge with Team Communications Keep clients and employees safer by being constantly connected and instantly available. FAST, RELIABLE COMMUNICATIONS PUSH. TALK. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. • When production stops • When the power goes out • When a worker needs help Every moment matters. You need fast and reliable communications between devices and across networks. TEAM Communications Overview